Fruit and Veg classes

Guideline 1 – Read the rules and class description carefully

Always read the Show rules and class title carefully. You must enter only home grown produce. Check the number specified in the Schedule for the class you wish to enter – if it says 8 pods runner beans you will be disqualified (‘NAS’ – not as schedule) if you have too few or too many. It is worth bringing along a few extra as spares just in case you find you need them when you are placing your exhibit.

Guideline 2 – Start small

Show a small set of flowers/fruit/vegetables really well to ensure you have a stress-free Show. If you are new to showing don’t be tempted to enter too many classes. Preparing entries for showing takes a bit of time.

Guideline 3 – Review your entries

About 10 days before Show day review your flowers/fruit/vegetables and plan your entries – then fill in the form and come along on Thursday evening or post to the entries secretary. Collect your entry cards and bring to the show with your entries. Plus bring your schedule as you might need to check the rules again when displaying.

Guideline 4 – Name your variety when asked.

For named variety class – write the name of the variety on your entry card which is placed by your exhibit.

Guideline 5 – How to display your fruit.

All fruit should be fresh and clean, not polished, shown with stalks attached where specified. Apples should be displayed with the stems down.

Look for perfect specimens. Fruit and vegetables should be as near perfect as possible, even if it is not the largest specimen you have. This means no damage, no signs of disease and nice even growth.

Guideline 6 – Getting your displays in the tent and learning.

Arrive in plenty of time to get your exhibits displayed. The tent really does shut at 10.30 for judging.

Chat to other exhibitors – they are normally around in the marquee, or relaxing after all the entries are in the tent – they are happy to help.